Our Research Division specializes in providing best-in-class research, analytical support and trading ideas both for our clients and our own trading and investment operations.

More complex and intricate financial landscape requires more accurate and comprehensive analysis to make optimal judgments about future prospects of an investment and possible downfalls. Properly structured and weighted information is one of the most important instruments an investor could have. Tengri Capital provides clients with high quality research products that provide a layout for deeper understanding of market movements in order to facilitate effective investment decisions.

We provide our clients with consultancy and recommendations both on the short-term perspective and for the long term, to allow them to fully recognize risk and reward possibilities.

We go further than most other regional research providers and have developed a unique knowledge in specific fields that are crucial for investment decision-making such as:

  • Economic landscape
  • Legal / regulation developments
  • Taxation policy
  • Energy policy
  • Idiosyncratic country and industry risks
  • Regional politics

Tengri Capital is the first Central Asian investment bank to publish international-standard research, whose award-winning Research Division covers a growing range of industry sectors in the region with the help of our industry-focused analysts, including the areas of:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Metals & Mining
  • Financial Institutions
  • Industrials & small caps (construction & development, telecommunications, etc.)
  • Coverage of regional corporate stocks and bonds

A wide range of research products covers over 55 companies, equity markets, bond and credit markets, as well as specific knowledge on various assets in Central Asia. In addition to the industry reports, Tengri Capital analyses the trends and characteristics that help to shape the sectors, providing specialised and bespoke reports to investors:

  • Daily and weekly market updates on Kazakhstan and Central Asian economic news in a global perspective
  • Periodic summary of operating results and financial ratios for all companies under research coverage
  • Periodic macroeconomic reports on Central Asian countries research coverage
  • Periodic focused sector reports
  • Bespoke standalone research reports

We have also developed a vast network of contacts and meet with various organisations and decision-makers on a regular basis, which helps us to feel the trends in the different industries and provide a 360° overview of the investment climate in the region.

If you require any specific research and would like to request our services, please do not hesitate to contact our research division at research@tengricap.com.

Lead contact:
Yerassyl Berkimbayev