Tengri Capital has a special team of advisors and asset managers dedicated to helping institutional, corporate, high-net-worth clients as well as family offices to achieve their main objectives regarding the thorough management of their funds and careful supervision of their investments. 

We aim to find an individual approach to developing a particular investment management strategy for each client and execute it with great care. Our advisors accompany clients during the complete cycle of the wealth management procedure:

  • We start by identifying a particular client’s needs and objectives and help to assess them with regards to current market conditions and capabilities
  • We proceed with careful analysis of your current financial position, commitments and general appetite for risk
  • Our experts suggest an optimal asset allocation and propose a variety of investment solutions to assist you in developing a clear defined wealth management strategy balanced around your needs and preferences
  • Our team realizes the approved strategy and follows up with well-timed execution

Implementation of a chosen strategy is carried out effectively relying on the Tengri Capital's vast network and extensive expertise of our team. The range of markets we operate in includes cash and fixed income instruments, equities, currencies, commodities, funds and derivatives. We are fully committed to further advise our clients along the way and are ready and well equipped to appropriately adjust the investment strategy in case of any change to the client’s objectives.

We provide the following services:

  • Private advisory services
  • Asset allocation advice
  • Portfolio management
  • Hedging solutions
  • Brokerage services
Lead contact:
Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer