Our Asset Management Division specializes in providing highest quality asset management, investment advisory and wealth management services to institutional, retail and high net worth investors in the formats of investment funds and separately managed accounts.

We actively manage our clients’ capital across public and private markets across the globe, with the aim of delivering sustainable alpha and efficient beta for our portfolios. 

Our investment solutions span multiple asset classes, geographies, investment strategies and time horizons as well as management styles. Diversification is at the heart of our approach. We use our own in-house as well as cutting-edge outside research to identify optimal investment opportunities and we manage risk systematically across all our investment solutions.

We offer comprehensive solutions covering all traditional major asset classes in both domestic and international markets.

We also offer several solutions in the alternative investments sphere including our hedge funds and private equity vehicles, allowing our clients to benefit from exposure to these more sophisticated alternative asset classes.

Our goal is to be the first choice for individuals and institutional investors in the region, who want to have exposures to international capital markets, and want these exposures managed professionally and in a cost-efficient manner.

We also aim to become a reliable partner for international investors wishing to gain first-rate exposure to the investment opportunities in the Central Asian region with the help of a western-style professional investment manager.

Our investment solutions are offered through a family of funds covering both traditional and alternative asset classes, as well as separately managed accounts allowing for an even greater flexibility.

Investment funds are a convenient investment instrument both for individual and institutional investors. Following the purchase of a share in the fund, you become an owner of a proportional  share of its investment portfolio, and its price fluctuates depending on the changes in the value of the whole portfolio.

Diversification is more than just the distribution of capital between asset classes – it's knowing how much to allocate to each asset class in order to construct a diversified model portfolio. Long-term performance is overwhelmingly influenced by asset allocation and thus additionally to the individual exposures offered through the asset class-focused funds, we offer a strategic asset allocation advisory service, to help you choose your optimal exposure to various asset classes.

Individual managed accounts are designed for institutional and high net-worth clients who are able to invest significant capital and thus require an even more tailored approach to their capital, which allows them to enjoy the simultaneous benefits of a professionally managed exposure and the direct ownership of the underlying securities.

We aim to achieve our objective of attaining attractive risk-adjusted returns using our experience, expertise, and modern portfolio construction approach complimented by best in class  risk management practices.

Mutual Funds

  • Tengri Capital Global Equity Fund
  • Tengri Capital Global Sovereign Bond Fund
  • Tengri Capital Global Credit Fund
  • Tengri Capital Global Money Market Fund
  • Tengri Capital Global Real Estate Fund

Hedge Funds

  • Tengri Capital Multi-Strategy Fund
  • Tengri Capital Global Macro Fund

Private Equity Funds

  • Tengri Capital Central Asia Energy Fund
  • Tengri Capital Central Asia Real Estate Fund
  • Tengri Capital Central Asia Special Situations Fund

Lead contact:
Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer