Our dedicated Debt Capital Markets group serves as a reliable, independent and qualified advisor across the full range of debt financing operations via public and private debt capital markets offerings. We effectively structure and execute tailored solutions and counsel our clients on all available transactions.

At some point, companies might face the need of capital structure optimization due to evolving internal and external conditions. For instance, companies characterized by excess and inefficient use of own capital might find it advantageous to attract debt financing. On the other hand, highly indebted companies might seek restructuring or further refinancing making use of a more accommodative interest rate environments through a multitude of debt instruments. A variety of fixed income solutions exist for the purposes of financing acquisitions, growth, projects, recapitalizations and dividends.

At Tengri Capital we design solutions individually for each client and structure products in a way that extracts maximum value from current market conditions.

In the following transactions (via public or private placements with local or international investors), our DCM group has the unmatched flexibility and expertise to act as an underwriter, advisor or both, depending on client’s requirements and market conditions:

Product types

Transaction credentials